Try not to be enticed to nibble on these popsicles — they are produced using sewage found in the dirtied waters of Taiwan.

At first look, these popsicles look like high-quality natural treats one may buy from a nourishment truck. Try not to be enticed to devour them, anyway — except if you need to be sick. They are really produced using sewage found in the dirtied waters of Taiwan.

Exhausted Panda reports that three plan understudies, Hung I-Chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-ti, for the Polluted Water Popsicles Project joined forces to make the poisonous solidified popsicles. The reason? To bring issues to light about expanding water contamination because of fast financial development and urbanization.

After contaminated water was sourced from 100 unique waterways, the understudies from the National Taiwan University of Arts reproduced them utilizing straightforward polyester tar. They even went similarly as making wrappers for the popsicles that uncover the distinctive areas where the water tests were gotten.

Supposedly, around 90% of the waste in the water was plastic — which is a genuine tragedy, considering the material enjoys many years to reprieve down and is in charge of contaminating nature and unfavorably influencing wildlife.

The task brings issues to light about utilizing reusable holders, reusing when fundamental, and embracing propensities that lower one’s carbon impression —, for example, expending a plant-based eating routine, shopping in bulk and bicycling to work or the store.

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