Nowadays, Pornhub offers free access to lock-down counties, and the analysis says that it has changed the worldwide traffic in comparative days. The average percentage of pornhub viewers who ranged from 24th February to 29th February 2020 was 0.8%. After that, the percentage of viewing among all countries began to increase over time. a large number of visitors began to increase in the month of March, partly because of a change in the daily life of visitors and everyone. Due to the month of March, the impact of Corona began to increase among all national and is widely regarded as affecting everyone.

The number of visitors mainly from the 10th to the 17th of March, has rapidly increased. According to the study, a rapid increase in viewers between 3.8% to 11.6% between those 10 days was noted.

Moreover, the only request made by all the government is to make everyone feel safe at home and therefore pornhub provide a free premium offer to attract pornhub viewers. For Spain viewers in the light of expanding sizes, they give them a free view for a month.

The model hub will be donating sales for this month form pornhub, couraged by France.

The graph above shows the percentages for Italy’s traffic changes on average per day. What shows through the graph is that the percentage of visitors increased from 1.4% to 5.3% from the month of 24th of February to 11th of March 2020. furthermore, due to the massive impact in  Italy, the whole country was buried in a single day, the change in the number of pornhub viewers rapidly changed from 5.3% to 57%.

France is one of the next affected countries to be buried in a single day, and in-order to that pornhub viewers have rapidly increased in one day, which is indicated as 5.7% to 38.2%.

The above image shows the traffic changes in the United States in pornhub view of which it has been increasing and decreasing for some certain time period. And this country, like most other countries, has shown the highest percentage of visitors since March. United State’s highest visitor percentage is between 5.1% to 6.3%, which is lower than compared to other porhub watching countries.

The Canada traffic changes graph shows a marginal increase by comparing with other countries. The number of viewers in this country has increased from 1.6% to 7.2% to watch pornhub. It’s a slight increase among viewers.

Traffic changes in Australia can be seen in the graph above. The country has witnessed a drastic change in those important days, from March 14 to March 17 that can be shown as 0.9% to 5.2% on the graph.

The traffic changes in the German country is little than in other countries. The graph showed a high percentage on March 13 but has fallen for two days since then, which is indicated as 6.2% to 3.3%. But in the days that followed, viewers have hit to watch pornhub.

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