Trevor Christensen who is an award-winning photojournalist recently published a collection of an album introducing a different concept to his style. He states his idea is always to make the subject of the photo feel comfortable in front of any capture. According to this, he thought of getting Naked and come up with a new portrait named Nude portraits. This way of attending the concept changed the usual idea of letting the subject get undressed in front of the camera to otherwise.

Here’s Christensen’s idea in his own words as recorded to us, “My thinking was that I’m a person who is comfortable taking photos, helping a subject feel comfortable having their photo be taken. What if I became a photographer who was uncomfortable taking photos, who was photographing a subject who was similarly uncomfortable?”
His main approach was to identify the change and experiment with the new concept as an influence of his fear in his talent which ultimately would come out as a portrait.

Christensen who is not much of a travel photographer peaked into the field himself by observing his passion and talent. He obtained the chance to publish in The Salt Lake Tribune, USA Today, the BBC and The Washinton Post. His entire career started with the capture class freshman year of high school as his first snap. It became a very important turning point in his life.

His experience in the trails of taking these Naked pictures did not seem very easy at first. Although he was with good experience and with a very good talent, the uneasiness in the first few captures hadn’t really stopped him from proceeding the job until it’s really reached the way he expected.

“Even with people I knew, it was stressful and strange to carry on a conversation and direct a portrait shoot while I was Nude. I did about 50 shoots for the series and never really enjoyed them,” said Christensen. But with time he has felt the change in him towards facing the situation. It had always kept on dropping the uneasiness as time went.

“As I got used to the process I wasn’t as intimidated by the experience as I was in the beginning. I also noticed subjects didn’t seem to react as strongly to my nudity either. What I realized is that when you’re taking a person’s photo, they’re looking to you to know how to feel. So as you become more confident and collected, they’ll be the same way. They’re feeding off your energy.”

His portrait was a success. The comments upon the collection had been very positive and it seems that the change has really influenced the outcome. It has developed topics among the spectators upon bodies and response upon nudity and exposure.

More Info: Website | Instagram | Vimeo | Bored Panda

The amazing work is as below shared with you, isn’t it a cool experiment?

Trevor Christensen
Trevor Christensen
Olivia, 28, acquaintance, opera masters student; Makenzie, 28, acquaintance, opera masters student Chole; 11 months old, acquaintance, cat
Members of the band Fictionist
Hillary, 24, friend, student
Jordan, 24, friend, quality assurance
Madelyne, 25, elementary school friend, executive assistant
Susie, 22, photographed in her bedroom at her Koreatown, LA apartment
Austin, 27, girlfriend at the time, middle school teacher, photographed at her home in Provo, Utah
Jay, 27, drummer, photographed at his home
Kari, 26, works in IT, former stripper. Photographed at her apartment that she and her boyfriend share in Salt Lake City
Victoria and her younger sister Hannah, shot in Provo, Utah
Rae, 42, web developer, photographed in her bedroom in Santa Monica, California
Anchor Chris Miller didn’t realize what he was getting into when he called to interview me for ‘Nude Portraits’. Here’s my favorite from our impromptu session, shot at their main studio in Salt Lake City
Jason, 24, friend, roofer
Kendall, 44, contacted me through my website, subject of a documentary that explores what it means to be LGBT and Mormon, Photographed at his home in Salt Lake City, Utah
Madelyne, 25, elementary school friend, executive assistant
Sitwat, 30, wedding photographer in Karachi, Pakistan. Shot in California
Karla, photographed in New Mexico.
Karen, 20, cam model. Photographed at her home in Salt Lake City
Grace, 21, #byu student, photographed in October at her apartment
Brianna, 26, aspiring model, contacted me through my website, photographed at her parent’s home in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Bruce, 26, graduate student, friend since 2nd grade. Shot at my home in Orem, Utah.
Torrie, 30, producer/director
Hannah, 21, waitress, photographed for #NudePortraits in Provo, Utah.
Jamie, florist, photographed in Salt Lake City
Ed at his home in LA.
Kendall, 44, documentary producer. Photographed at his house in Salt Lake
Lizzy, 31, software specialist, photographed for #NudePortraits late at night at her home in Springville, Utah.
Karin, 20, acquaintance, p**n & cam model
Christian, 43, works in communications, photographed at his apartment in Salt Lake City, Utah. 2015
Chris and Natalie, 28 and 27, photographed at Natalie’s studio in Los Angeles, California
Ashley-Jayne, 22, student and receptionist
Court Mann
Silvia, 19, sophomore at Portland State
Alex, 25, designer at Adobe, shot at the mansion where her boyfriend lives in Provo, Utah.
Chris & Natalie, 28 and 27, photographed at Natalie’s studio in Los Angeles, California.
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