Have you ever involuntarily donated childhood your lunch to a gangster in your school? The delicious lunch prepared by your mom and you’ve been waiting till the interval to open your lunch box and enjoy your delicious meal. And suddenly one of your school bully boys comes and dropping some big nuggets and eats your lunch in front of you.

You also, cannot do anything because he is much more powerful than you. You are involuntarily dedicating your delicious lunch prepared by your mom to school bully boy. But then, if you didn’t do anything to him, like showing your devilish powers to those annoying school friends, they are going to do it forever.

The same thing happened to this cute little kitty. He had to devote his meals to an unknown possum because he was afraid of possums. The owner of this catty has taken some photos of this strange incident. You all can get a clear idea of what this catty was thinking by checking its face.

Image Source: Imgur- MrRogers247

#1 “Hey Cat-Bro Give Me Your Food, It’s Mine”

possum steals cat's food

#2 “Somebody, Help Me Please… This Possum Is Eating My Food” 

possum steals cat's food

#3 “Daddy Please Stop Taking Photos. He Is Eating My Food”

possum steals cat's food

#4 “Hey It’s Mine”

possum steals cat's food

#5 “Mr.Cat Stay Away From Me When I’m Eating”

possum steals cat's food

#6 “Okay, I Gave Up”

possum steals cat's food

Small Advice

At such a moment, you should behave like Joey in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. No one can eat his foods. His own friends don’t even try to touch his food. Because if that happens, only the F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans know how the story is going to end. Joey will scream, “Joey doesn’t share food” and everyone will leave him and his food, finally Joey will enjoy his food alone but happily.

By following this simple life hack you can enjoy your meal peacefully and happily.

Joey doesn't share food
Image Source: Finding Lovers
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