What do you think cats are afraid of? Do you believe if a cat shows a helpless face in front of a possum eating its dinner? Oh! Here it is.

This cat had been stepping back from getting its food from the possum, but rather showing helpless faces to the owner to save the food from the possum. The emotions in the face are so neatly described in each picture below of how it has made the attempt to make the owner realize what is happening isn’t fair.

Possum being the innocent creature, yet a better defender of the act it is engaging in doesn’t make a move away from the food no matter how much the cat tries to interfere. Maybe that steadiness of the possum makes the cat step back and ask for help from the owner showing the face that says it all.

Cats are so stupid? No, this cat is way emotional and seems shocked by what’s going on, as if “how can you let this happen to me” face throughout the incident. (H/T)

“Excuse me, that’s actually MY dinner”

“Umm. A little help please”

“You see there’s been a mistake, you accidentally gave MY dinner to this imposter”

“You serious??? You’re just gonna stand there and take pictures, I’m starving… You know what, that’s fine”

“I can share… oh my favorite. CAT food”

“Ok ok ok sorry, enjoy”