According to a recent study by researchers from the Public Agenda group, as a society people become less polite and gracious.

Therefore, we have made a list of 13 habits of well-mannered people where we should all adopt.

1. They put their phones down when they are having a face to face conversation.

It is disrespectful to use social media or browse the internet while you are hanging out with someone

Polite people will always mute their notifications and give the full attention to the partner they are hanging out with

If they need to make an urgent call, they normally excuse and make the call. They also resolve the matter as soon as possible.

2. They always let you know when they’re running late.

Polite people respect other people’s time

Therefore, in case if they are running late, they will inform you in advance.
If that is really urgent and if they couldn’t make it, they will surely seek your forgiveness.

3. They say “Thank you” often, and they mean it.

They appreciate and acknowledge everyone who supports them without any discrimination.

4. If they have a problem with someone else, they communicate it directly.

They are open to everyone. Therefore, they communicate openly and directly if they have any issues without holding any grudges.

5. They give appropriate compliments.

They say nice things to others. Therefore, they give a genuine compliment to helps others to feel happier.

They are aware of that giving someone a genuine compliment is one of the easiest ways to practice kindness

6. They never interrupt.

Polite people always wait for their turn to speak, however keen they are to make their views known.

7. They remember to ask about your work, family, and other important aspects of your life.

They show interest in your family and friends. Therefore, they try to connect with the close people of your life and treat them in a good manner.

8. They don’t swear excessively.

It is not good to swear all the time because swearing is vulgar and gives a poor impression. Polite people do not swear more often. They show their graciousness by actions, not by words.

9. They are tidy eaters.

These people know how to use knives and forks, keep their elbows off the table, and chew with their mouths closed.

10. If they make a mistake or cause offense, they are quick to apologize.

There is no one who is pure and clean in this world. Therefore, if they sense they have offended someone else, they seek a sincere apology at the first opportunity.

11. They respect everyone in the same way.

They treat every person with gentleness because they trust that every human has a right to a basic level of respect.

12. They continue a positive attitude.

Whatever happens, they try to live with positive vibes.

13. They do not gossip about, or judge, other people.

Polite people know that everyone has a story. Therefore, they do not waste their time to blame or judge people.

They also disgust to hear gossip, regarding it as a useless and hateful practice that can cause a lot of distress.

Do you have any people in your life that seem to be very polite? Share it with us in the comments below.