A guy from California states that a few days after doing the ‘Coronavirus Challenge’, where others have to post a video of themselves licking a toilet bowl, he was hospitalized with Coronavirus.

On Sunday, Larz the one who did the prank posted a video of himself in a hospital bed.

According to DailyMail, the 21-year-old from Beverly Hills tweeted on an account (GayShawnMendes) that has now been suspended:

Piers Morgan, the Good Morning Britain host called Larz “scum” and said that it was “karma” for Larz to catch the virus.

Another fool, again from the US took part in the challenge which some idiots were doing. he also licked the bowl of his local toilet cubicle and I think this is called karma because he was also tested positive for Coronavirus.

After he was hospitalized Piers Morgan wrote:

The ridiculous and highly immature  “Coronavirus Challenge” encourages social media users to post videos of themselves licking everything from toilets to grocery store products.

Retired nurse Dr. John Campbell told Metro that, if the people who are part of the challenge are already infected they will be possibly infecting others because they will be leaving the virus on the surfaces they have licked.

The medical director of primary care at England’s National Health Service, Nikki Kanani states that this stupid behavior could lead to the death of an innocent person if the infected person dies later. It is highly irresponsible for people to put their health and the health of those around them at risk just for a stupid internet ‘challenge’.

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