The world has been evolving for billions of years and it still is evolving with time. Science have been developing making human life easier and much efficient on Earth. Also with its development, we can unveil the mysteries of the past as well.

This is such a story that is reported from Madagascar. Dinosaurs have been an amazing type of species to walk this Earth, way before the first man did. Scientists keep on digging into the depths of the Earth trying to figure out more and more information about them. Luckily, they were able to discover a fossil of a creature that has never been found before.More info & Photo courtesy: abc news |  Royal Society Open Science

#1. Check this video out!

This fossil was identified as ‘quick-mouthed frog turtle’. This creature is aged back to the time of the dinosaurs. These Turtles had strong tongue bones and a slender jaw, that suggests that this turtles feeding procedure was more of a ‘suction’ than biting or munching its food.

#2. The Fossils.

The experts believe that they fed on smaller animals such as tadpoles and all those micro marine life which they can easily suck in to feed themselves. The study of these creatures show that it lived around the late Cretaceous period, that is around 66 million years ago.

Their habitat was mostly around the Indian Ocean. Thus it was found near Madagascar. The paleontologists are very content with the discovery so now they can physical evidence of the creature, that will broadened the knowledge of these animals and with the modern technology, crack open a wide scope into the past.

#3. The Prehistoric Turtle.

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