In the connected world in which we live, it is crucial to know how to protect the information we share on a daily basis. In the case of minor, sharing photographs, videos, messages or status updates on social networks is their way of relating to the rest. That is why parents should educate on the proper use of the Internet and devices to avoid problems such as cyberbullying. What are the challenges to face? According to experts, the use of computers, tablets, and smartphones in the classroom, well channeled, can help to learn but also has its risks. These are some tips aimed at raising awareness among parents of the need to take certain precautions with regard to the proper use of the internet made by their children:

What can we do to help the youngest? As parents and educators, the first thing we must do is to become aware and learn how the technology used by our children; work in order to educate them in their responsible handling and help them when they need it. Once we know what we are facing, it is time to adopt a series of good practices:

Security Tips To Protect Your Children Online And The IPhone Parental Controls

  1. It is essential to talk with our children to foster a space for dialogue in which they can express their concerns and we can help them solve them. In this way, you can get to detect signs of a problem before it becomes a serious case.
  2. We must teach the children (and ourselves) that we are responsible for what we upload to the Internet and that, once we have published it, it is almost impossible to make it disappear completely. That photograph or comment can be funny at the time of publication, but it can pose serious problems in the future.
  3. Taking care of our online privacy is essential. We must be very careful with what the minors publish, since seemingly innocuous data, such as the address of our house or our telephone number can be used against us.
  4. The internet facilitates anonymity, we cannot know with complete certainty who is on the other side. For this reason, we must be very careful with the messages of strangers who try to contact using social networks, messaging services, or emails.
  5. Although the most effective way to protect our children on the Internet is the education that we as parents have to offer them, it never hurts to have a little extra help. The tools of parental control that help to prevent our minors from accessing malicious content on the Internet or downloading infected applications are a good resource. It can be very useful for parents to protect their children on the Internet and make responsible use of technology. One tool worth trying in this regard is FamilyTime that offers iPhone parental control app. Do you want to try this app for free and check how useful it is? You can!

Security Tips To Protect Your Children Online And The IPhone Parental Controls

Although the young are the ones who make the return to the classes, parents, and teachers also have pending subjects for this new academic period: to be aware of the reach that technology has and the risks that derive from its misuse are the first steps to guarantee that children and young people can enjoy technology safely. Happy Parenting!

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