No matter where in the world, there is good as much as there is bad. The world is balanced perfectly. This is a story that will show you that the good is always around and it will always be there for the good.

Surachet Klaevkla, was walking for his work when he heard some strange noises. They sounded like whimpers and squeals. When he looked around carefully, he caught a glimpse of a movement in a hole with mud. Klaevkla had to look really close to realize that they were a set of puppies who has fallen into the hole. There were covered in thick mud head to toe. With the heavy mud on inside a dark and big hole compared to them, they had no hope. The only thing the poor puppies could do was to yelp, squeal and whimper in fear, just hoping that someone would help.More info & Photo courtesy: BeoPeo


This man was the guardian angel who was sent to save them. He quickly got down in to the hole himself to save these helpless puppies instead of going to work.


After saving them, his heart was so big that he did not stop there. He took these puppies home, washed the mud off and made sure they are okay.


These puppies were lucky enough that they were found and saved by this amazing person. He cleaned, washed them and finally he decided to keep every puppy at home because he wanted to take furthermore care of them.


As you can see, good is everywhere in the world, you just have to give it a chance. Please leave your comments about this article below!


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3 years ago

must appriciate his humanity.

2 years ago

Such an awesome person to do that! The puppies are adorable <3