It is really hard to find a person who doesn’t love puppies. They are adorable, so much cute and what more do we need! Puppies can be very good friends and they would be the ideal companion to have nighttime walks, share your miseries and love as much as you want! If you are a fan of puppies, you would probably have heard about the Shih Tzu Puppy, Paningning who has stolen the heart of many dog lovers all over the world! He is not famous only because of his teddy bear face but also because of his hilarious sleeping position!

His owner, Janess Cua uploaded photos of this adorable dog in the Facebook group Dog lovers the Philippines and within a short time, they went viral. The little cutie always sleeps on her back in a human-like position with an exposed belly and it was too adorable! In her official Instagram page, she has over 55.5 k followers and his owner told that,

“That is her sleeping position since birth because it’s the way she feels most comfortable.” Even though many of her photos feature the dog sleeping, her owner said Paningning is very playful and enjoys romping around with her siblings.”

Paningning is the youngest born of Cus’a dog Baobei. She is three months old now and she is the only tri-colored of her siblings. She was initially named as ‘Maningning’ which means ‘bright’ in Filipino but their daughter wanted her name to start with ‘P’. so, it became ‘Paningning’.

Paningning’s Instagram page was initially created by a fan and later handed over to Cua so that he can continue uploading pictures of the cutie. You can see many pictures of the puppy apart from the sleeping position and the popularity of the page has evolved into a Paningning merch.

However, she doesn’t sleep all the time. Her owners say that just like other puppies she is also very naughty most of the times.

According to her owner, Paningning never sleeps any other way, “For me, She’s just a normal puppy that loves to sleep on her back.”

So, scroll down to see this adorable puppy and don’t forget to share your favorite picture among them!

Image credit & More info: The Real Paningning

#1. Don’t disturb me!

#2. A good place to hide!

#3. This is what I and my two besties do all the time!

#4. I’m scared, right?

#5. Who is the cutest?

#6. The little banana.

#7. Hello humans.

#8. Just breathe!

#9. No entry.

#10. Hug me, please.

#11. I love to be with you!

#12. The Triplets.

#13. I will sleep anywhere no matter where it is!

#14. I am so sleepy!

#15. Let’s sleep like this forever!

#16. Please let me breathe!

#17. The little cuties!

#18. The floor is the best place to have a nap!

#19. Leave me alone

#20. I can bite anything!

#21. I am a banana too!

#22. I am not really sleeping!

#23. Grrrr.

#24. The sleeping puppy!

#25. Choose what’s best for your puppy!

#26. This is us at the gym!

#27. Hello human!

#28. Under the bed is always better than being on it!

#29. When you can sleep almost anywhere!

#30.  My siblings having a nap break!

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