Dogs are adorable, funny and a set of constant companions of people. They have managed to win our hearts with heaps of love and attention. And from time to time they surprise us with some of the coolest and most amazing things that we get to see.

This article is about a story that you will not get to read every day. Cristian Mallocci who is a farmer in Italy is the hooman owner of Spelacchia. She recently gave birth to a bunch of pups and one of them stand out from the rest. This adorably unique puppy is named “Pistachio” and the reason for this special name is his fur color. Believe it or not, this cute puppy is covered in greenish fur! Cristian couldn’t believe his eyes either, it was such a special puppy that this farmer kept Pistachio when the other pups were handed over for adoption. He plans to raise this adorable puppy along with his mother Spelacchia on the farm. Scroll down to learn more about this quirky story.

More info & Photo courtesy: Cristian Mallocci | BBC


Green Puppy
Image credits: Reuters


Green Puppy
Image credits: Reuters

This nature of Pistachio’s fur is explained as two possible reasons. It might be Biliverdin, a greenish pigment in wombs that might have infused with the fur somehow. Or it might have been meconium a sort of stool that an infant produces. There are no other scientific explanations other than these two aforementioned reasons.

Anyhow, this adorably unique puppy has managed to win the hearts of people all over the world as its photos were shared on the internet.


Green Puppy
Image credits: Reuters


Green Puppy
Image credits: Reuters

However, this pigment will fade off and it has already started to fade away. Living in the Sardinia Islands Cristian, Spelacchia and Pistachio live happily leading their simple lives, doing their part at the farm. Let us know what you think about this cute puppy in the comments section below.

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