The sophistication of marketing tools is increasing as technology progresses. In the past, marketers relied on a single tool to handle three different issues; today, they need a custom solution for each channel, task, and function. You will find that as you integrate more tools, simple processes will become more complicated and inefficient. Marketing managers need to take into account several factors before choosing tools.

Here are five questions you should ask yourself or your company before purchasing new software:

1) Will This Deliver The Same Results Or Something New?

Oftentimes, we fall victim to shiny object syndrome. Try to avoid buying tools that are just new and exciting. Instead, evaluate the tools you have already. Can you reach your goals without using this technology? Avoid adding new tools to your tech stack just for the sake of adding them. Remember, this will only waste resources and cause unnecessary stress on your team. The concept of less is more applies in this case too. More tools do not necessarily mean better results.

2) Have You Researched All Your Options?

While one tool might tick as many boxes as you would like, you should still consider all other options. You should do some online research and browse online reviews. There are many top-notch tools on the market, but just because one seems like the right fit does not mean another one cannot be better.

Software For Your Marketing Technology Stack

3) Does This Integrate With The Tools You’re Already Using?

If a platform does not integrate with your tech stack, it will perform worse than expected. A new website manager might promise to double the number of leads your company generates, but if it does not work with your other tools, it will do more harm than good. For example, if it doesn’t integrate with your CRM tool, it might require four individuals to move leads from one system to another, resulting in productivity losses, a dirty marketing database, and extra database maintenance. allows you to find email addresses for free. The tool was developed to help companies collect client and customer email addresses. You can gather email addresses by entering in the contact’s first name, last name, and the company’s domain name.

4) Do You Have The Skills And Knowledge To Operate This System?

You should purchase tools that are easy to run with the resources you already own. Some of the latest and greatest techniques aren’t always practical, especially if you have a small team. Go for a simple solution that will help you and your brand reach your goals.

5) Who Has A Say On The Buying Decision?

Software For Your Marketing Technology Stack

Sharing information across departments is always a good idea, especially when purchasing a new tool. Without obtaining input from all participants and team members, you will not be able to make an educated purchasing decision. Before handing over your payment information, be sure to consult with all stakeholders involved.

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