Tobacco addiction is something that many people struggle with, despite knowing the devastating impact that smoking has on their health. If this is a struggle that you deal with, then using hemp cigarettes is something to consider if all the other tobacco addiction therapies aren’t proving to be effective. This way, you can safeguard yourself from becoming another statistic among the millions of people who pass away worldwide due to tobacco-related complications on an annual basis.

CBD cigarettes

While the use of CBD cigarettes to help you fight nicotine addiction might sound surprising, you’ll be surprised at their effectiveness. Therefore, you’ll be able to quit smoking tobacco, all thanks to hemp cigarettes. Read on to learn more about how CBD cigarettes can help you quit smoking. 

  • Reduce Nicotine and Tobacco Cravings

Quitting cigarette smoking is often challenging because nicotine is highly addictive, with its addiction almost similar to other hard drugs such as cocaine. Because of this, you’re certain to experience severe withdrawal symptoms in your quest to quit smoking. You can experience adverse symptoms, including headaches, difficulty falling asleep, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, and irritability. 

These symptoms might haunt you for a couple of weeks. This makes your desire to quit smoking which might have become part of your identity, almost impossible. Luckily, using the hemp cigarette helps ease your desire to get the tobacco cigarette. Doing this helps ease the tobacco and nicotine withdrawal symptoms by regulating satiety, pain, sleep/wake cycle, and mood. In addition, it regulates blood pressure, reduces nausea, promotes restful sleep, and fights headaches.  

With the severe withdrawal symptoms alleviated, you’ll be able to make one move forward to quitting your tobacco addiction. 

  • CBD Helps You Relax

Extensive research on CBD shows that this compound has anxiolytic properties, which helps reduce anxiety in humans and animals. This is why some people struggling with stage fright use CBD to ease their public speaking anxieties. Cannabidiol manages to ease anxiety as it interacts with more than 60 molecular targets in your body to give you therapeutic versatility. 

One such target is the serotonin receptor, a neurotransmitter tasked with regulating emotions and moods. This avoids excess serotonin levels that cause clumsiness, shivering, tremor, or overactive reflexes that can directly cause depression and anxiety. In addition, CBD modulates GABA receptors that balance gamma-aminobutyric acid (inhibitory) and glutamate (excitatory). These two neurotransmitters are linked with causing anxiety and brain hyperactivity. 

With the stress-relieving benefits of cannabidiol, you’ll be able to relax and deal with any adverse withdrawal attacks that come your way.   

  • Lowers Your Tobacco Smoking

According to research by University College London, using CBD cigarettes helps reduce your craving for tobacco and nicotine-infused cigarettes. This study done in 2013 showed a 40% reduction in tobacco use among users who used hemp cigarettes. This was achieved because CBD helps reduce the pleasure of smoking cigarettes.

CBD cigarettes


The reduced craving for conventional cigarettes is thought to arise because of the interaction of CBD with the CB1 receptors. This is believed to alleviate nicotine’s boosting properties and boost the natural levels of anandamide, one of the main endocannabinoids usually referred to as the bliss molecule. 

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