Many types of data backup software are available in the market for PC users. You can fully back up your important files and data over the web or on a separate drive. If you are searching for reliable disk creation and backup software for your Windows PC, then R-Drive Image is the best utility you can trust.

R-Drive Image For Windows

The R-Drive Image for Windows lets create disk images and helps you take regular backups of your important files. You’ll never lose your important files using this software. The R-Drive Image for Windows review helps you know more about this software and its functionality.


R-Drive Image serves as a user-friendly interface with quick-to-access functions. The clean dashboard of the software allows you to make use of its features easily. You can create a disk partition, backup your data, copying disk partitions, create startup disks, check images, etc. right from the dashboard. It is a great tool for professionals who work on computer systems.

R-Drive Image: Features

Easy-to-use Interface

The old-school user interface lets anyone use this software like a pro. There are no special settings or setup required, once you install the software you can start using it for disk creation, disk backup, and other purposes as per your requirements. Just select the appropriate option from the desktop, and start using it.

R-Drive Image For Windows

Disk Image Creation

The software lets you create a disk image without restarting your computer. You can create a disk image of the disk partition or the entire hard drive or storage drive on the computer’s disk or an external device. The host system can have full access to the newly created disk image.

R-Drive Image For Windows

R-Drive Image For Windows

Quick Image Restoration

After creating an image of the disk or the partitions, the software lets you restore the created disk images anytime you want. You can restore hard drive images from one system to another if you want to replace your system. This way you can jump onto the new system hassle-free.

Advanced Partition Manager

The software lets you perform common disk management tasks easily. You can create disk partitions easily and can manage each partition the way you want. You can take a backup of the partition or can create an image of that partition, etc.

Restoring a partition to a different system is also now possible. The same feature lets you wipe out the entire hard drive data with just one click. The partition manager is a USP of this software.

Automatic Backup

One of the useful features of this software is an automatic backup. This feature lets you take regular backups of your disk drive or the partitions as per your requirements. You need not take backup manually once you schedule automatic backup on this software. You can even enter your email address here. Whenever a backup process completes, you will receive an email regarding it.

Prompt Customer Support

The R-Drive Image offers plenty of resources for users to get their queries solved. There is an FAQ section with the most common questions and answers. The Knowledge Base page features many resources to read more about this software, its features, and its functions. It comes with step-by-step guidelines and tutorials for a better understanding of the software.

Alternatively, the customer support team is also available. Phone support is available from 9 to 6 from Monday to Friday. Email support is available 24/7.

R-Drive Image Pricing and Plans

The R-Drive Image for Windows lets you test out the software for 30 days for free. The software comes with different license options for personal and professional use. Each type of license is different and comes with different features and functions. For more information, visit this page.

R-Drive Image For Windows

R-Drive Image: Pros and Cons


  • Quick disk image creation
  • Disk-to-disk copy
  • Scheduled backup option for automatic backup
  • Support multiple languages
  • Available in multiple plans for individuals and professionals
  • 30-days free trial


  • The software is Windows-exclusive software, it is not available for other PC systems.


The R-Drive Image for Windows is undoubtedly the best image creation software present for professionals as it comes with plenty of advanced image creation and image backup features. The disk manager lets you manage the entire disk of your computer system like a pro. The only drawback of this software is it is available for Windows users only. If you are a Windows user, then try out the software with its 30-day free trial.

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