There comes a time when we accidentally delete the photos and videos stored on our computer’s hard drive. What to do if you have lost your important photos and videos?

R-Photo Free Photo And Video Recovery

Well, there’s a way to recover your photos and videos easier than ever with the help of the R-Photo Software. R-Photo Free Photo and Video Recovery for Windows Review gives you in-depth information about this software, its features, and how you can recover lost files on a Windows PC.

R-Photo for Windows Overview:

R-Photo is a free photo and video recovery tool designed by R-Tools Technology. Unlike other data recovery software for Windows systems, this software is free. The software is good at recovering lost files from the SD cards of your digital cameras or mobile phones. The software is easy to use and serves the best of photo and video recovery features.

R-Photo: Key Features

Easy-to-use Interface

The user interface of this software is designed for all types of Windows users. Anyone can use this software to recover accidentally deleted files. You do need not to have a separate drive to copy things and scan, this software lets you create an image of the drive and then start the scanning process.

Supports All Types of Files

R-Photo supports a universal file system which means you can recover photos and videos of different file formats using this software. The software scans all types of storage devices including those connected externally through USB ports. It makes the scanning of files easier.

Smart Search

The software works by deep scanning the source files from the selected hard drive or sd card. The preliminary scan process starts as you click on the scan button after selecting the drive. Once the scanning process is done, you will see thumbnails of the recovered files.

Even after the preliminary scan, you will not get all of your deleted files recovered. You will have to try out another scan to recover other files. You can search for such files with the name. Just copy the name of the file from the display section with a cross sign (files without preview) and search for such files by using the search option.

Universal File Viewer

The integrated file viewer of the software is universal. It previews of types of files that have been recovered using the software. You can double-click or right-click on the file to view them. You can even change the view type of the recovered files to thumbnails, lists, etc.

Quick Restoration

Once the scanning process is done, you will see a list of accidentally deleted files on your computer screen. You can select the files by clicking, and then can restore them to their desired locations with just one click. Make sure you keep a separate folder to store the recovered files, you can select the new folder at the time of recovery.

How does R-Photo Software Work?

The R-Photo Software serves as an easy-to-use interface where anyone can use this software to recover files. The following steps will show you how you can recover deleted files from your SD card or any other drives using this software.

Step 1: Download and Install the Software

R-Photo software is available for free. You need to first download the setup file of the software and then install it on your Windows system. Once the software is installed, click on the Open button to launch it on your Windows PC.

Step 2: Create an Image of the Card

Once you launch the software, it will show the number of drives present on your computer system. Just right-click on the file and select the Create Image option to create an image of that drive. Make sure to select the location to save the image.

R-Photo Free Photo And Video Recovery

Step 3: Open the Newly Created Image

Click the Image to open it within the Software for scanning.

R-Photo Free Photo And Video Recovery

Step 4: Click Show Files

Click the Show Files option from the Created Image and the system will show you the list of folders and files present on it.

Step 5: Deep Scan

Click the Deep Scan button given at the lower right corner of the software. This will start deep scanning of the files and folders stored on that particular drive.

R-Photo Free Photo And Video Recovery

Step 6: Deleted Files List

Once the Deep Scan process is done, the software will show the list of accidentally deleted files.

Step 7: Search for Files

You can now select the files to view or search for the files using the Search tab. Select the Photos or Videos option from the left sidebar.

Step 8: Recovery of Files

After selecting the files you want to restore or recover, just click on the Recover button to start the recovery.

R-Photo Free Photo And Video Recovery

R-Photo Pricing:

R-Photo is absolutely free of cost for all Windows users. There is no commercial version of the software available. You can download the software from their official website and can start using it to recover lost or deleted files quickly.

In short

  • It’s Freeware Data Recovery Software
  • Compatible with internal drives and external drives
  • Best for SD Cards and Memory Cards
  • Recovers all types of Photos and Videos
  • Deep scan to search for deleted files
  • Quick recovery option


R-Photo Photo and Video Recovery is a great utility tool designed to recover accidentally deleted photos and videos. The freeware software supports Windows PCs only as there is no Mac version of the software available. The standard image creation and recovery options make this software a good choice for Windows users. Try out the software now!

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