Data recovery professionals get confused when it comes to choosing the right software for their profession. If you are searching for industry-grade data recovery software for your personal or professional work, then R-Studio’s Data Recovery software is the best option for you. The R-Studio Data Recovery for Mac review gives you in-depth information about this software and its functionality.

R-Studio Data Recovery For Mac

R-Studio Data Recovery Software Overview

R-Studio Data Recovery Software for Mac is designed by the most trusted data-recovery software developers- R-Studio Technology Inc. The company is known for providing top-rated security software and data recovery software to professionals. The software comes with premium features that support both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.

The software is aimed at professionals who work in the data recovery profession. This tool comes with a set of advanced features that help mac users recover their data faster. It supports multiple file formats of images, video files, and other documents which you can recover by selecting them manually after the scanning process.

Key Features:

Intuitive user interface

The R-Studio Data Recovery for Mac packs a bunch of functionality that helps you recover nearly all the lost or deleted files. The software serves an intuitive user interface where any Mac user can try it out to recover lost files from the built-in hard drive or external devices.

Dark-Mode Support

The tool comes with stunning visuals with its dark mode. Yes, you can switch to dark mode by simply turning on the toggle button. The dark mode on the software looks catchy and it enhances the actual UI of the software.

Advanced Scanning

The automatic scanning of the files makes this software everyone’s favorite choice. The software doesn’t require human interaction to scan the files. It scans the entire hard drive and locates the deleted files or lost files.

Great Recovery Performance

The R-Studio Data Recovery software comes with a list of powerful data recovery features to recover all types of files. The only problem with the data recovery process on a Mac system is it supports a limited file format only. You can’t recover 100% of your lost files or data using this software on a Mac system.

Multi-device Support

The software is compatible with both internal and external storage devices. It supports internal and external hard drives, internal and external SSD, USB flash drives, memory cards, Android devices, iOS devices, unmountable partitions, iOS backups, iCloud, encrypted devices, and more.

Recovers RAW photos

Unlike other data recovery software, the R-Studio Data Recovery for Mac supports raw file recovery. Yes, you can recover raw files using this software from your Mac system or any other external drive. The software supports over 37 formats of raw files.

Better Video Recovery

The software also supports almost all video formats. The video recovery performance of this software is quite good as it lets you recover video files with different file formats. All the major video file formats such as mp4, MOV, mxf, wmv, r3d, insv, avi, arx, and others are supported by this software.

How does R-Studio Data Recovery Software Work?

R-Studio’s Data Recovery Software for Mac offers a clean user interface where anyone can try this software to recover files. Let’s see how you can install and use this software for data recovery on a Mac system.

Step 1: Installing

First, download the R-Studio Data Recovery software for Mac systems from their official website. Download the dmg file i.e. the setup file, and double-click on the .dmg setup file to start the installation of the software. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation. You can launch the app once it is installed on your Mac.

Step 2: Select Sources

Now, you have to select the sources from where you want to recover the files. Select your preferred source from the given list. If you have connected multiple devices or storage drives, then the list will also display them. You need to select the appropriate source from the list and then click the Scan button to start the scanning.

R-Studio Data Recovery For Mac

Step 3: Select Scan Settings

Once you select the Scan button after choosing the right sources, you will be asked to set up the scanning through settings. The advanced button under the scanning option reveals more settings. You can filter out the scanning of files from this page.

R-Studio Data Recovery For Mac

Step 4: Manage Files

Once the scanning process is done, the system will let you view the scanned files individually. You have to view them by pressing the space bar or double-clicking on the files to view them before you can restore them to your local drive. You have to manage the scanned files manually here.

R-Studio Data Recovery For Mac

Step 5: Recover the Files

Once you select the files you want to recover, select the Recover option. You will be asked to select the Recovery folder to store the recovered files. At last, hit the Ok button to recover the marked files from the list.

R-Studio Data Recovery For Mac

Pros and Cons:


  • Works well on older Mac systems
  • Better file compatibility
  • Automatic scanning
  • Network recovery
  • Recovery estimation
  • Cross-platform software support
  • Ideal for professionals
  • Faster scanning speed
  • Free version available


  • Lacks file preview like Windows

R-Studio Data Recovery for Mac Pricing:

The R-Studio Data Recovery for Mac is a premium data recovery software designed for professional users. You can try out this software with its limited features by installing the free version. For added recovery options, there is a premium version available at $79.99.

R-Studio Data Recovery For Mac

The Bottom Line:

R-Studio Data Recovery Software for Mac is aimed at professional users and not normal users. The software features a set of advanced data recovery features that helps you recover nearly all types of files. The software supports RAW file recovery, multi-format video recovery, and recovery of all other files with different file formats. Try out the free version to test out the software on your Mac system now!

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