What are the odds of getting three lionesses, eight cubs to stare straight at the camera at the same time? For a photographer, such an occurrence would be a once in a lifetime achievement.

When you got eight little children to deal with, getting everybody prepared for a family photograph is often a struggle. However, this family of lions had no such difficulty as they posed for this picture worth million dollars at a park in Serengeti, called “Loliondo Conservation” this month.

The photographer was able to capture the once in a lifetime moment as a lioness and eight cubs stare directly into the lens of her camera.

Since the 1960s, African lion’s numbers have dropped by a staggering 70 percent, due largely to habitat loss and encroachment by humans.

The Serengeti National Park in Africa, home to these magnificent lions, covers around twelve thousand square miles of untouched natural beauty. The name Serengeti is a Massai word which means “Endless Plain” in English.






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