You don’t have to be disappointed if you spent your entire life thinking that Disney characters were inaccurate and only animated magical beings. I have good news for you, friends. Although I cannot guarantee anything in life, I am willing to bet you that when you meet these real-life humans. They exist on the same planet and in the same universe as you and I so your jaw will drop, and you will be blown away by how similar they are to Disney characters. It’s obvious. Every single photo in this list shows a striking resemblance. You might be able to see the similarities yourself if you don’t believe my claims. It’s possible that you won’t be able to look away.

#01 Game Of Thrones Meets The Lion King

#02 Russell, from Up

#03 Prince Adam from Beauty and the Beast

#04 Big Hero 6 – Hiro

#05 Brave’s Merida

#06 Linguini From Ratatouille

#07 Tangled’s Mother Gothel

#08 Zootopia’s Flash

#09 Andy? Are you sure?

#10 Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty

#11 The Little Mermaid’s Ursula

#12 John of Pocahontas

#13 Frozen’s Elsa

#14 Carl from Up

#15 My Friend Looks Like Mary Katherine From Epic

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1 year ago

It’s so amazing