Love can take several definitions and meanings. We all feel loved in different ways. but, one thing is certain. No matter who you are dating or what type of relationship you are having, if you are constantly being hurt and agonized in your relationship, then that cannot be a healthy relationship at all. If your partner is someone who never tries to understand you, always sees your faults, and never appreciates you for anything, then you are most likely to be not happy in your relationship.

True love is not begging someone for their attention.

When someone truly loves you, you will never have to beg for their attention. You will never long for their presence or yearns to have calls or texts from that one. He/she will constantly be in touch and you will always feel their love.

True love is not sweet suffering.

Sometimes, you may bear up everything thinking that it is his way and you need to bear up everything just to be with that person. but the truth is that real men don’t make women cry. If you bear up everything taking it as sweet suffering, then you are dating an onion and not a man.

Real men don’t break hearts. They truly care and love for the one they like. They will do everything to protect the one they love.

Real men respect their women.

They know what it means to love and respect someone. They will never make you feel worthless as they know who you are and what you deserve. Manipulation is not a part of them. everything in your relationship will be based on the respect that you have for each other.

Real men take care of their women.

Real men have a big place in their hearts for their women. They will always take care of their loved ones and their watchful eyes will always protect you from all the dangers. Caring and affection are a part of real men and that will always make you feel special.

Real men cherish their women.

Real men love their women from the bottom of their hearts. He loves you for everything you are and will value even a little touch from you. you are all that he has and he will cherish and value you for everything.

So, always keep in mind that real men don’t hurt their women. A real man will never make you doubt his love. So don’t settle for anything less than that.

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