Ever since Ashley Madison was hacked and thousands upon thousands of different email addresses and other usernames were released, the amount of interest that Ashley Madison has received is pretty much at an all-time high. But you may be wondering what it is exactly that is motivated all of these people to search for infidelity online, and what might happen to those same people if they are to be found out?

Intrigued by these very same questions, a doctor once interviewed over 63,000 men and women who were actively using the Ashley Madison website, that ranged in age between 18 and 55 years old.  Based off of all the interviews that she had conducted with these users, she found that there were some surprising misconceptions that were going around.  Here are the surprising misconceptions that are not true.

People are Unhappy in Their Primary Relationship

The main reason that most people think others go and seek out an affair on this site, is because for whatever reason, they are simply unhappy being in the relationship that they are in.  However, that is actually not the case.  In fact, many of the people that are dating online are completely happy and want nothing more than to stay in their current relationship.  The problem comes in when they go online and because of the technology, they simply find themselves with potential infidelity on their screen.

Everybody Wants to Meet for a Sexual Affair in Real Life

Many of the people who were interviewed had stated that they had no urges to actually meet up with the people that they were meeting on Ashley Madison but would rather prefer that their affair remain online only.  The big takeaway on this is that many of the Ashley Madison users were simply searching for a connection with somebody online, as they were still having a deeper connection with each other, it’s just that this deeper connection is entirely online.

The one thing that can get away from you when you are in an online affair, however, is that you may become much more intimate than you would ever realize, even though you may never actually meet that person in real life.  This is due mainly in part to most people having such an intimate relationship with their phones.  Since most people are on their phones all the time and always have their phones with them, it can feel as though you are in your very own world where you don’t feel vulnerable at all.  There is no sneaking gout the back door and going to a hotel room or anything like that.  Instead, it feels completely comfortable and even safe when you are cheating online.

Reasons Why Married People Use Ashley Madison

Those who Use Ashley Madison Feel Guilty About it

While there are many users who are completely happy with an online affair, they don’t actually feel as though they are actually cheating on their other half.  Since there is no physical contact being committed, these people feel as though they are doing nothing wrong.

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