Elephants are innocent creatures whose eyes are filled with innocence. Don’t know why but many people are after these animals to hunt them down. There are ones who get severely injured and yet they survive but some cannot.

This little pink-skinned baby albino elephant had been trapped in a poacher’s trap for around 4 days. She had been found in a reserve near the border of Kruger National Park in South Africa. The Hoedspruit Rehabilitation and Development volunteers had seen her and rescued her, and then she had been taken to a sanctuary and got treated.More info & Photo courtesy: WeCareAboutAnimal

Albino Elephants are very rare, but they can get adapted to environmental conditions. This little baby elephant’s name is Khanyisa, it means sunshine in the local Tsonga language. From start, her life had been difficult as when she was trapped she was only 4 months. She had been very fragile as she had nothing to eat or drink.

There had been injuries around her mouth, ears, and face as the trap had been tangled around her face. Not just that even maggots had been eating her flesh in the open areas. The poor little thing had been through a lot of suffering yet haven’t given up. Sue Howells had said that she was innocent and pure but was fragile.

With the growth of the human population, many animals are under threat. People try to kill the animals for food or sale. Anyhow, she’s now fully recovered and fit and fine.  She’s a strong little girl. Hope that she has a good life with no suffering.

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