Red Cross has promised to Haiti that they will provide homes after the 2010 earthquake that overwhelmed the region.

The main focus of the project called LAMIKA, an acronym in Creole for “A Better Life in My Neighborhood” it was building hundreds of permanent homes.

Following the earthquake, Red Cross CEO Gail McGovern unveiled ambitious plans to “develop brand-new communities.” None have ever been built.

Due to the destructive earthquake, so many people have been left homeless. Therefore, the red cross has promised them to build thousands of homes. Unfortunately, it seems like, they have not worked as per the given word because they have only built six homes. Apart from that, around half a billion dollars were donated.


130,000 Homes Promised, only 6 Built

As per the plan of the red cross, they have promised to build 130,000 homes to the survivors from the earthquake. It is also evident that a lot of people have given relief for the victims, but due to certain faults, building homes had to stop. So the main concern of the people is whether the houses are going to be built or whether it is going to be stopped forever.

Furthermore, a lot of areas were devastated by the earthquake and those areas are still remaining in the same condition, so they have yet to be rebuilt. It is unfortunate that these people are living in huts and having a very hard time. Such people have no access to clean water, therefore, they have no other option than using dirty water.

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Memos Leaked Reveal Many Errors Made by Red Cross

There are many errors where the red cross has actually made. The truth has revealed from some leaked memos. Such errors delayed the establishment of the buildings and it has been evident that they could all have been refused if there had been superior management with a proper plan. The former employee team which has been hired, they were not able to read Creole or French. So when they are absent in language knowledge, it is unable for them to work in such an environment properly.

At the time 2011 and in a memo dating back in time, the director of the Haiti programme was Judith St. Fort. She said that that the group was failing in Haiti and that senior managers had made “very disturbing” remarks disparaging Haitian employees. St. Fort, who is Haitian American, wrote that the comments included, “he is the only hard working one among them” and “the ones that we have hired are not strong so we probably should not pay close attention to Haitian CVs.” She mentioned many issues and issues from her last trip, according to her, the main reason is the lack of leadership skills.

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Red Cross Make Statement But Faith in Them Has Been Lost

In spite of the various shortcomings of the Red Cross, they have ended up the charity that many turn to after suffering humanitarian crises. In statements, the Red Cross cited the problems all groups have faced in post-quake Haiti, including the country’s dysfunctional land title system.“Like many humanitarian organizations responding in Haiti, the American Red Cross met complications in relation to government coordination delays, disputes over land ownership, delays at Haitian customs, challenges finding qualified staff who were in short supply and high demand, and the cholera outbreak, among other challenges, ”.

However, Red Cross has been shaken their trust towards people because donations had been wasted away and they have not kept their word properly in building homes. Due to this reason, so many people around the world have inquired whether they can do the donations directly to the Haitian organizations instead of giving it to the red cross. After the earthquake around $9 billion had been pledged to support rebuild the country and rehome people. Unfortunately, 55,000 Haitians are still living in tents or makeshift shelters. There are many criticisms and confusions why money has not been used to make Haiti restored.

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