Animals get hit by vehicles at night all the time. When you drive in the dark, even with proper headlights, animals are very hard to spot at that time until they are up too close to evade the accident.

It is estimated by the Finland government that over a larger number of 4,000 reindeer die due to road accidents. These accidents cost more than $18 million per year in damages while the loss of wildlife is even worse. In order to find remedies for these undesired accidents, many wildlife conservatory groups have been trying different options and we brought you one of them that shows hope to save these lives. Scroll down to read more about this.More info & Photo courtesy:Reindeer Herder’s Association


Reindeer Herder’s Association

This initiative was taken by Reindeer Herder’s Association starting from 2014. In the beginning, they have tried giving certain reflective accessories that were similar to cyclist’s vests. But due to practical issues, those projects didn’t work. Recently, there was another plan that has a promising outcome than the other tests.

The association has been trying a reflective paint spray on the antlers of these Reindeers. This is a very successful option than the previous tests they have done. They do not come off as a vest and they don’t tend to rub off as fast as it does on the body.


Reindeer Herder’s Association

Because the antlers are high above the body,  it becomes very visible to any light source. This reflective paint sprayed on these animals has proved to save a lot of animal life after it was implemented.

Still, there are issues with the paint being rubbed off and being covered in dirt. The wildlife conservationist groups are still trying to figure out a better remedy while the reflective spray paint has been proven to be the most successful one so far. Check out their website for more details.

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Reindeer Herder’s Association
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