By: Kimberly Sandra

Yehuda Adi Devir is a Tel-Aviv-based artist, comic art maker and character creator who makes charming comic illustrations about his day spent  with his wife, Maya.

Regardless of whether she’s cleaning the house , sleeping with him, motivating him to work out, or messing out the kitchen while preparing meals, Yehuda’s wife boost him with all the motivation and assistance he needs to make his lovely and day to day scenarios.

Look below for collection  of some of our top choices, and please don’t hesitate to tell us which ones you like the best. (H/T)

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#1 Maya love to run her cold feet oh his body which make her feet so warm by his touch. While feeling the love and care it make her so special.

#2 having a shower together like a newly married romantic couple gives them a real energy in this point where they connect their heart and soul.

#3 he rests on her warm breasts the best feeling for him and all the stress go away like a charm with her magic touch.

#4 every moment spend with yehuda is so precious for her she do not want to let him go with the erotic moment even after spending the whole night together.

5#maya attend for almost anything for his help even though it is complex for her she always sit by him and want to help.

#6 My Wifeinator!

#7 How It’s Always My Turn To Do The Dishes??

#8 Beach Body

#9 Typical Night Out…

#10 We Saw Logan