Miyoshi is a 2-year-old Akita who spent a pretty tough life. Fortunately now she has a forever home with 2 dog-loving caretakers, Tyler Keith, and Abby Richardson.

Miyoshi faced several surgeries for Glaucoma and an autoimmune disease which resulted in losing both her eyes. Her previous owners were unable to afford such expensive treatments and they left Miyoshi at the Michigan Humane Society. That is where Tyler and Abby saw her, and at first glance, they knew that she was meant to be theirs.

Abby speaking to Caters News. “I think she is the perfect dog for us, “She is very calm, playful and protective; I’m excited to know we can get married and start our family together. She is a very loving and loyal dog, she absolutely adores us.”

According to Abby, people who see Miyoshi on the street often express pity for her, however, it never bothered Abby and her partner.

In her exact words…

“When people see her, they are shocked and comment how ‘weird’ it is that she doesn’t have eyes, but it doesn’t bother us. They feel very sad for her at first, but we tell them how happy she is. They are shocked that we would adopt a special needs pet as our first dog together, but Miyoshi gets around fine. They comment that they have never seen an eyeless dog before and for them, it’s a little shocking to see.”

For the couple, Miyoshi is a perfect little puppy!

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