The world is seeing “Narwhal the Little Amazing Furry Unicorn,” a ludicrously adorable rescue puppy with what appears like a tail developing on her forehead.

And before you ask, No, it doesn’t wag when he is happy.

Mac’s Mission is a registered Missouri dog rescue facility, shared the puppy’s picture stating he’d just been saved with another older dog. Under the “we specialize in special” ethos, the Jackson-based center pays special attention to dogs with special needs or rare health problems that may otherwise be struggling in other overburdened shelter systems.

“He was rescued in rural Missouri, so many [dogs] get dumped there,” Mac’s Mission told IFLScience. “We save dozens this way. They are always in terrible shape”

He is now in safe hands luckily and seems to be in remarkably good health. Mac’s quest brought Narwhal to a nearby doctor who offered him the all-clear, except for a few easy-to-treat worms common in rescue puppies.

In an effort to unravel the secret of his unusual front feature the vet even conducted X-rays on the puppy. While the nature of the birth defect remains unclear, no obvious threat to his wellbeing is posed by the extra tail.

“The unicorn face tail does not bother Narwhal and he never slows down just like any normal puppy,” the rescue center said in a post on Facebook.

“The extra tail is not connected to anything and has no real use other than making him the COOLEST PUPPY EVER,” they added.

“Right now he is pretty much the most unique amazing example of what we do here and we are so thankful to have the chance to be part of his journey.”

Just as the family wants to keep an eye on him until he grows a little older and stronger, Narwhal is not prepared for adoption. He’s in no short supply of supporters,, judging by the comments on social media.

You can learn more about Mac’s Mission and donate to their amazing work right here.

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