In the wake of the devastating Californian fires, many lost houses, businesses, lives. That includes animal lives as well. Local authorities with the help of the local community are doing their best to contain the fires. This is a story that brings hope in these desperate times.

A Bobcat and a Fawn was discovered by George Kraus a trained animal rescuer amidst the flames. These stranded and scared animals were rescued and brought into George’s home to be nurtured. They were looked after and treated very well that they got their health back really soon. This Bobcat took no time to make it at home at George’s home, being playful just like a domestic cat. Take a glance at these photos and the video below. Please share your thoughts with us!More info & Photo courtesy: Pawsplanet.

#1. The Rescued Bobcat has already got a name; “Benji”.

#2. Contact the local Wildlife authorities if you are not a trained animal rescuer in similar situations.

#3. Check this heartwarming video out!

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3 years ago

domestic petdomestic pet

Jane Curran
3 years ago

This is an amazing occurance. It would be difficult to see even a domestic cat behave affectionately like this