Decisions pertaining to our personal lives always need to be thoroughly considered, especially when planning for the future. For many retirees, residential care is a natural step to eventually take – but what exactly is residential care? Today, we have noted some of the more frequently asked questions surrounding residential care, so read on if you would like to understand why so many have earmarked this aged care format for their future.

“What is residential care?”

Residential care is a form of aged care found all over the world, in endless formats. As the name suggests, residential care is an accommodation solution wherein residents live onsite, within a hotel environment, or in a specialised ward in the village. Ultimately, residential care looks different for all individuals depending on their needs and preferences, as well as income level.

residential care

“What can I expect from residential care?”

Residential care is a relationship-based care model, championed by compassionate carers who are trained to provide a supportive environment. You can expect to see and feel a real sense of community when you enter residential care, with social activities and dedicated care enriching your experience. Not surprisingly, most residential care communities will have a continuous stream of friends and families visiting the centre also and you might even see some furry friends as part of a pet therapy program.

“What do residential care centers look like?”

Depending on where you are seeking residential care, the accommodation itself will look different. You might wish to be centrally located and close to your family, or a coastal living arrangement might be a better fit. Most residential care accommodations are modern, complete with a bedroom and living space, and others can even contain a self-contained kitchenette and outdoor entertaining space. Touring your shortlisted aged care options is a great way to imagine yourself there and understand what you want.

“What services and amenities are included in residential care?”

Residential care is a full-service offering, with every meal prepared by a team of chefs and cooks, cleaning and house duties administered by a dedicated team, and entertainment facilities available in common and private areas. You can also enjoy the beautification of the surrounding gardens and accommodation to be maintained, setting the scene for many social, festive and spiritual activities that take place frequently within these vibrant centres.

“How do I get started with residential care?”

It is not uncommon for individuals to start with one aged care home and then move across to another option. For example, following a surgery or medical event, you may need respite care for the duration of your recovery, but then choose to move to a private, self-contained room. 

“How do I choose the right residential care provider?”

Choosing a residential care option that is right for you is very personal, as we all value different luxuries and lifestyles. It’s always a great idea to visit a selection of residential care options with friends or family and be sure to ask lots of questions and make notes about what you liked and didn’t like about each offering. Visiting the rooms, recreational spaces and meeting the carers will give you a thorough understanding of what you can expect from each and from there you can choose the best fit. 

residential care

We hope this has given you a well-rounded idea of the residential care experience. Aged care is a fast-growing space and there are a number of existing and upcoming developments that offer a fabulous lifestyle for those looking to retire in comfort. 

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