Reversed Tarot cards seem to be bad news for most people, but not all the time. According to, there are many ways a reversed tarot card can affect the meaning of a particular message. It either depends on the context of the cards’ surroundings or the overall message of the reading. Regardless, there are times that the meaning of reversed tarot cards is not as clear as we think it is. 

How to Read Reversed Tarot Cards

For those who are into the tarot card reading for the first time, it is usually advised not to rush in working with the reversals. After all, it is crucial to know and understand first the meaning of every card as they are upright. Expert tarot card readers are much aware that there is an underlying story in each of the tarot cards that need to be unleashed and understood first. Meanwhile, reversed tarot cards give additional depth in the reading; there are cards that are quite powerful on their own. 

If you think you can handle the power of the reversed tarot cards, below are common ways of reading it.

Identify the Opposite Meaning of the Reading

Sometimes, the underlying meaning of the upright tarot card needs to explain deeply, and this is where reversed card reading can help. It provides some indications and other essential messages that cannot be seen or discerned in the basic reading, and this can sometimes have to recognize like in detrimental scenarios. Moreover, the reversed cards can provide the balance necessary in the primary card reading, especially when things are getting too good or too bad.

Decrease the Intensity of the Cards’ Energy

Besides balancing the reading by going to the other extreme side, another way in reversed tarot card reading is to decrease the card’s intense energy. This method means the reader must move away from the power it has. This technique can be another way to bring positivity to a card that depicts a negative vibe. For instance, and upright reading of the nine of swords means anxiety, nightmares, and deep turmoil. Reversely, it can mean that a hurt person is slowly making himself a way out and is trying to recover from those struggles.

Use the Blocked Card

Though this happens in lesser situations, a card’s meaning cannot occur because there is a blockage from it, like something that is missing the equation. Here, the cards around can be reliable indicators of the reversed reading. For example, for the two of cups reversed read with an upright reading of a devil card; when reading upright, the two of cups symbolize a partnership with harmony and equality. Reading the cards in reverse means there is a blockage on a connection from reaching its potentials because there is a sense of entrapment or addiction.

Reversed Tarot Cards: How to Read Them?

Look for the Opposite Meaning

From the term itself, the reversed tarot card reading is generally reading the opposite meaning of an upright card reading. However, the different reading can happen due to various reasons, yet, what is always engaging in reversed cards is how and why it occurred. Regardless, most of the reversed card readers are usually applying this method.

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