Every stylist will tell you that a beard tells a lot about a man’s character. On the other hand, a beard for most men is a beautiful thing. It is an extension of a man’s masculinity and fashion. The advantage of having a beard is if it doesn’t look right, you can change its style or completely shave it off. But it takes constant looking after and some sense of style to come up with the perfect beard style. 

Trimming involves giving your beard a statement shape thanks to the best beard grooming kit. You will get the correct form, and even lining for your face, neck, and lip. So if you are looking for the right ways to trim your beard, you have come to the right place. Follow this guide to learn how to go about it.

01. Get Prepared

One of the best ways to trim your beard is to have everything in place first. Know the type of beard style you want before embarking on the procedure. Thoroughly wash it to remove dirt and sweat. Your beard has more dirt and germs that you can imagine, and merely washing your face is not enough. So use a shampoo and thoroughly scrub it in the shower then dry with a clean towel.

Once dry, use a comb to remove tangles, which can be a hindrance when trimming carefully. Start from your ear going down towards your chin. Carefully guide your comb and gently comb it straight on both sides.

02. Start Cutting

With the beard grooming kit at hand, go before a large mirror and ensure it has an outlet if you are using an electric clipper. Then start by cutting off the excess hair. Using an electric clipper, trim both sides of your face. To maintain balance, ensure that you start from the ear going downwards. Don’t be afraid of trimming excess hair, the guard in your clipper will prevent that from happening.

You can also choose your neckline if you are not happy with the natural one. Go for a straight-line or a rounded line, which goes down to the bottom of your sideburns. The type of neckline you choose should give you an edgier and crisper look.

03. Trim the Hair on Your Moustache and Chin

Trim your mustache and pay attention to the hair slightly below your nose, which can be hard to reach. If you have a lot of facial hair, it is best to use scissors first. Once you are through, remove the guard from the clipper and trim from your neckline to eliminate all the hair from your neck. However, this will depend on your preference; some go for subtle stubble while others prefer a clean cut-off line. 

If you want a clean shave to use the method of hot water and lather, splash warm water on your face and work the shaving cream into a lather, then apply it in the areas you wish to shave before you start cutting, this is one of the best ways to get a close shave without razor burns. Once you are through shaving, wrap a warm towel around your head for some minutes and ensure the cloth covers your beard.

If you are using scissors to trim your beard, ensure the scissor is clean. Avoid using kitchen scissors or any other type of scissors that are not meant for grooming because they can make it hard for you to come in the perfect shape.

Final Thought

Getting the perfect beard look takes a bit of work, but the results are worth it. As mentioned earlier, beards give you the opportunity of trying out new styles. So experiment with all the styles and find out what works for you.

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