Capturing the amazing sights of nature or animals, both of these fall under wildlife photography. So, with an amazing collection of photos from the wilderness, the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” competition is held annually to call and highlight photographers all over the world. They get to shine the light on something they are passionate about, in the wilderness while competing with their talent.

Conducted by the Natural History Museum, England, they go through a huge amount of photo submissions. Tens of thousands of photos are submitted into each category every year. The judges then select them into several rounds before they select the winners. It is a hard process since the photographers who submit their world have put all their effort and heart into their submissions. Among these submissions in the year 2020, Robert Irwin submitted his photo title “Bushfire”. He has captured the wildfires of Australia that blazed across the country in 2020. He took home the title of “Wildlife Photographer of the year” at that time. Scroll down to check out his winning photo and few others in the competition.

More info & Photo courtesy: WPOY/Natural History Museum


Robert Iwrin's Photo
Image credit: Robert Irwin/ WPOY

This photo with the four others below is up in the Museum for exhibition until the next wave of winners earns their place. This photo shows the destructive wildfire that raged across the lands taking a huge amount of forests and animal life with it. Robert’s achievement speaks out his father’s name; Steve Irwin.


Ami Vitale's Photo
Image Credit: Ami Vitale/WPOY

2020’s competition shines the light on many wildlife issues that had the world in tears. One such event was the death of the last Nothern White Rhino(male) that we got to spectate the slow extinction of a breed of an animal.

This competition does not only exhibits the talents of photographers in the world. But it gives them a chance to talk about issues that are sensitive to wildlife.


 Andy Parkinson's Photo
Image Credit: Andy Parkinson/WPOY


Guillermo Esteves' Photo
Image Credit: Guillermo Esteves/WPOY

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