One of the best ways to maintain the quality of a cigar is to store it in a humidor, which makes sure that the integrity, shape, flavors, aroma, and smell of the cigar is not lost. If you are new to cigar smoking, then you probably would not know about a humidor. However, once you become regular into it, you must then know the use of a humidor and also own one too. Cigars require to be at a specific temperature and have certain moisture levels if you want to store them for the long term. Therefore, unless you have a humidor, it is not possible. Humidor helps to keep the cigars in the right temperature and right humidity levels to make sure that the cigar does not dry up or leave any of its original aroma and taste. Cigars should basically be consumed faster and not stored up for weeks. If you are storing your cigars for more than two weeks then you would need to have a humidor to make it last. 

A humidor is like a storage container for cigars. The box maintains the humidity level of the cigar as the tobacco leaves can expand and contract due to different moisture levels. In most cases cigars that are kept outside eventually dry up, leading to a loss in aroma, flavor, and smell, which are quintessential to a cigar. Even if they are kept under high humidity, it will be infested with mold and fungus. Therefore, you need to have a humidor in any case. You can find large as well as travel humidors for yourself which can be easily carried while you are outside or traveling. A humidor has a thermostat and hygrometer, which helps to maintain the correct temperature and moisture level inside, with a strong seal. The humidifying system inside a humidor is one of the most critical parts which can be as simple and complex depending upon the size and brand of humidor you buy. 

Humidor in maintaining the cigars quality

The system adds an adequate amount of moisture to the cigar so that it can retain the softness in the leaves including the essential oils which give the flavor. Most of the humidors maintain 70% humidity which is the idlest state to maintain the quality of a cigar. Anything more than that could lead to mold or fungus on the cigar due to excess moisture. The humidor also consists of another part called the Hygrometer. It is used to measure the moisture levels in the humidor and can be digital or analog. It helps to alert the user as to when water needs to be added or excess moisture needs to be taken out using a foam. Cigars like game leaf and many more can be preserved using such humidors and you can expect them to have a longer life of many weeks. 

The last component that you will see in a humidor will be the thermostat. It will help you to measure the internal temperature of the humidor, which can be 70 degrees Fahrenheit in most of the cases. All these components together work to make sure that the cigar you have purchased remains the same and feels the same in any kind of situation. With a humidor, you can preserver your cigars for as long as you want and enjoy them anytime

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