While 2020 has been a year full of disappointments from the beginning, there’s always something that can make everyone’s hearts warm. While unearthing remnants of magnificent pieces of history does not take place all the time, this discovery of an absolutely stunning ancient Roman mosaic floor will definitely make you smile.

A group of archeologists from the Valpolicella region, Verona province in Italy, have discovered a centuries-old Roman mosaic floor. The floor was discovered in almost perfect condition, and it is said to date back to the first century after Christ.

Myko Celland, an Italian Historian, shared pictures of this incredibly gorgeous artifact on his personal Twitter.

However, the existence of this masterpiece was long-known to the world, although it was discovered only now. Multiple attempts have failed but after years of extreme searching and digging, archeologists were finally able to discover it in a vineyard in Northern Italy. In addition to the perfectly preserved floor, parts of the foundation of the ancient villa were also discovered.

roman mosaic floor
Image source – Facebook

Many people are having high expectations for the complete discovery of this wonderful artifact, which will undoubtedly take a considerable amount of time. To preserve and to open the site for the general public, it’s obvious that the surveyors will require a significant amount of resources. Local authorities have already promised to fulfill all the necessary requirements to completely excavate this masterpiece.

roman mosaic floor
Image source – Facebook

This next-level discovery is very special because it’s not every day we hear about new pieces of history. The fact that archaeologists were searching for this for decades adds even more value to this amazing work of art. In the upcoming months, we will hopefully get to hear more about the complete evacuation of this invaluable, glorious treasure.

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Samira Chinthana
Samira Chinthana
3 years ago