This Russian woman who’s standing at 6 feet, 9 inches tall, unofficially has the longest legs in the world. Rentsenkhorloo Bud or Ren, as she goes by, was the same height as her teacher in the first grade, and now at 29-years-old, her legs are as long as some people’s full height. While some undergo surgery to stand taller, Ren inherited her incredible height from her 6’10 tall dad and 6’1 tall mom. Her legs alone measure at an astonishing 52.8 inches in length which is equivalent to 4 foot and 3 inches.

Born in Mongolia, she often felt bad at school for standing out more than the rest. But as time went by, she overcame her insecurity and has now grown into a self-confident 6 foot 9 inches tall lady. Her mother said in an interview, “She knew she was special and different from other people, so she was more proud of her height.”

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She likes to show off her long legs in shorts and even wears high heels to stand taller. “I like to wear shorts and high heels especiallyso my legs look longer,” she said. She loves the adventures she gets to experience thanks to her height.

Ren Bud
Source – Opera News

A bundle of disadvantages also comes with the tall package. Ren finds it difficult to fit through most doorways, and she has to crunch inside her car. Finding clothes to suit her large body is even more challenging.

She becomes the cynosure wherever she goes and the positive comments she gets make her really proud of herself. Well, exactly who wouldn’t love to be asked “Are you a model?” or “Can I take a picture with you?” from a complete stranger?

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