This is a very heartwarming story of a Simple Teddy Bear that meant the world to this girl. Her name is Mara Soriano. She is from Canada and she has a reason for that specific Teddy to mean the world to her. Inside the Teddy was a voice recorder of the Teddy bear that will record your voice and speak back later. The recorder had her late mother’s voice recorded there.

Mara was moving from her apartment when she got to know that her friend met with an accident. So she has just rushed to the hospital leaving some of her stuff behind. With her stuff was the teddy bear which was snatched. She was broken inside and wanted to find it someway or the other. With desperation she posts about the incident on Twitter.More info & Photo courtesy: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter





To her surprise, she got a huge backup to find her teddy bear. She couldn’t believe when the help arrived!

#3. The One and only Deadpool arrived offering with a big ransom as well.




Within a very brief time period, the Teddy was returned by a third party who retrieved it from the thief. Mara was overjoyed! A lot of people celebrated with her including Ryan Reynolds. This incident became very famous with the involvement of Ryan Reynolds. The return of the item became faster with it as well.

This was very precious to Mara since it is one of the recent memories of her mother who lost to a 9 year battle against cancer. It is so heartwarming to see people unite for good causes.

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