Currently, the highly activated protest movement is the Black Lives Matter(BLM) movement. As we all know, this movement got activated recently due to the brutal murder of a black man George Floyd by a white police officer.

The whole world is fighting against racism and the police brutality happening in America. This is why the whole country is rallying against the government. The government is not taking any action against these human rights violations done by the police. Instead, they give more power to cure the agitations. But the responsible authorities and organizations cannot clear this properly. And because of their inhuman actions like beating the people, releasing strong tear gases and rubber bullets with very high pressure, protesters are getting even angrier.

The whole city is covered with unhealthy tear gas

Anyway, since the government of the United States is not taking proper actions and solve this big issue to focus on their development as one country and to stop the economic backlash due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the other countries have started to act against the government of the United States.

police officers with batons
Image Source: Geoff Livingston

Going along with it, the Scottish parliament officially started to support the BLM movement. The parliament has counted the number of voting to stop the export of tear gas, rubber bullets, and riot gear to the US to support the protesters and maintain the citizens’ right to peaceful protests in advance.

the Scottish parliament is celebrating the victory

This motion was put into place last Thursday with the tremendous support of 52 to 0 voting in favor. The motion explains that the parliament supports the BLM movement and the UK government must block all export licenses for tear gas, rubber bullets, and riot gear to the United States.



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