Curves are not very easy to come by. It’s all that genetic lottery that gives some people a slimmer build, whereas others walk around with those gorgeous curves that are so trendy these days. Now, let’s take a second to make a crucial point when it comes to body enhancements: there is nothing wrong with not being curvy.

It goes without saying that everyone is built differently and you can’t expect to have the same exact features as other people. That’s just unrealistic. Not everyone is built with a curvier body and this is perfectly natural. However, when you look at a few Sculptra before and after photos you can see for yourself how effective the treatment can be at accentuating the curves and giving you that figure you’ve always desired.

There are plenty of other butt lifts out there, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. But with how popular Sculptra has become in recent years, people want to know what makes it so desirable among patients all across the country. Skinly Aesthetics, for example, is a cosmetic center that has been treating patients with Sculptra for many years. They have received tons of positive feedback on the treatment with most of the patients being quite satisfied with what they see in the mirror.

Sculptra Curve Enhancement

It is Minimally Invasive

As desirable as curves may seem at first, you most likely do not want to scar your body to get them. Cosmetic treatments are great until you realize that some of them may cause certain unwanted results to linger. Scarring, bruising, and all kinds of blemishes are caused by the many other posterior enhancements out there.

Sculptra is at an advantage in this regard. Because the treatment is minimally invasive and only features a few injections into the posterior, the only scarring that it may leave behind is a little light bruising in the injection sights. But even these disappear on their own after some time. Injection-based treatments are special in this regard as they are designed to cause as little damage to the body as possible, but at the same time bring out some truly amazing results.

Thanks to its minimally invasive nature, Sculptra is also very easy to recover from and it will only take you around 10 days to get back to your normal way of life.

The Results are Very Visible

What a lot of patients are afraid of is going through the treatment, procedure, recovery, and all, only to find that the results are a little underwhelming. Sure there is a slight change in the appearance of the posterior as it looks a little bigger, but the reward was definitely not worth the struggle and the price tag.

Fortunately, this is not something patients who have tried Sculptra have to worry about. Sculptra makes massive improvements to the volume and roundness of the butt. It will look visibly bigger but in all the right ways. Many cosmetic treatments out there do not do a good job of making the results look authentic. This is a real problem for many patients who anticipate naturally round buttocks who are then greeted with something that looks visibly inauthentic.

Sculptra has proven time and time again that it is not only capable of enhancing the curves but also without sacrificing the butt’s natural symmetry and shape. This is all thanks to the carefully developed methodology behind the procedure that seasoned practitioners utilize to create the most natural-looking results. It will take a very experienced pair of eyes to tell the difference between a posterior treated with Sculptra and a naturally round one.

Sculptra Curve Enhancement

Long-Lasting Results

Good results also mean results that last a long time. Even if your practitioner is a very pleasant individual and their clinic is state-of-the-art, you do not want to constantly take time out of your busy schedule to make an appointment, get treated, and have to go through all the procedures and recovery time again.

Sculptra is very special in this regard. Much like its other famous counterpart, the Brazilian butt lift, the results of Sculptra can last up to years when performed by an experienced practitioner. When the Sculptra compound is injected into the buttocks, it lifts it up and increases the volume. This initial volume disappears however as the body begins to dissolve the compound.

But the effects of the treatment do not stop with this initial improvement. The dissolved compound boosts collagen production in that area of the body. Collagen being a protein that is responsible for creating strands that keep the body structurally sound, then replaces the compound. With this added collagen, the posterior gets another boost of volume, which now lasts up to two years.

This is a very long time considering how some treatments out there last for around a few months. After one Sculptra treatment, you can be confident that you won’t need to go in for another session for at least a year. While you may need to do some maintenance to retain the results, Sculptra asks very little of the patient. And with results that last you for years, it is the perfect package for anyone looking to have curves for a long time without the extra hassle of having to visit a practitioner every few months.

Minor Side EffectsSculptra Curve Enhancement

What worries many people about cosmetic treatments is what comes after the treatment is finished. Luckily, Sculptra’s side effects are quite minor and require the bare minimum of care. While patients are asked to avoid putting too much pressure on the buttocks after the procedure, after the initial week of recovery, patients can return to their normal daily routine.

No extra fuss, painful side effects, or complicated recovery measures are required. You get treated and then wait for the results to kick. Once they do you can enjoy the look of your gorgeous curves in the mirror for years to come.

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