A very talented fine arts photographer in California, Michael Stokes takes a turn with his brand-new line on Veteran Portrait photography taking extremely powerful photos and bringing out the confidence in the sexiest forms of these veterans while they pose proudly with their amputated body parts and prosthetics.

This amazing project was a combined effort which started with Alex Minsky also a US Marine. His leg was amputated as he was a victim to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan in 2009. As Minsky came up with this marvelous idea to make the photoshoot more about confidence than the usual veteran stories, where many other veterans decided to join the band wagon leading to a book written by Stokes called “Always Loyal”.

Stokes also told MTV “Some people will say to me ‘Oh, this is really helpful to their self-esteem’, or, “you’re making them feel like men again”. Where stokes responded. These guys have come to me very healed and ready to take the world on. I’m not giving them back their confidence. They already have it.”

More info: michaelstokes.net | Facebook | Kickstarter

“I’m not giving them back their confidence. They already have it”















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