Generally, women across the world are treated badly, they are denied their basic fundamental rights in some underdeveloped countries, they face domestic violence, harassed sexually, molested, and physically and emotionally blackmailed. So, for this reason, women terribly needed some kind of a leader, who safeguards their rights, a healer who heals their pain and miseries, and a true guide who helps them in resolving their personal affairs.

Shakuntali Siberia

Shakuntali Siberia has devoted her whole life to empower women’s rights. Specifically, she is struggling to inspire women in realizing their value and importance. She is an enlightened woman whose sole purpose is to awaken women`s inner power. Also, she is a staunch supporter of women’s rights and women empowerment. She herself faced a lot of problems during her childhood.

After that, she started the path of self-development and spirituality at the age of 12. Nowadays, she is an internationally renowned and influential speaker and healer. Popularly she is known as a Siberian priestess and faith healer.

Do you know the meaning of Shakuntali?

Shakuntali is the spiritual name that she has acquired it means “the birth of freedom”. She loves her spiritual name more than her body name or actual name.

Shakuntali is a well-known priestess, healer, lecturer, social worker and she holds a doctorate in psychology. Shakuntali believes that any human disease, however deadly it is, can be treated in a spiritual way. Besides, she participates in a vast number of charity events and helps people. For instance, she helped people after the earthquake in Mexico.

Besides her social, benevolent, and spiritual actions, she has created a unique method of working with the subconscious that is popularly known as GYUD, the first international healing academy.

Shakuntali help you if you are reluctant medicines, she has successfully healed more than 22,300 people with her GYUD method.

Shakuntali claims to know the actual reason for the recent outbreak of COVID-19, a global pandemic that has engulfed the whole world and killed millions of people worldwide, and she has held various public gatherings to heal fear and destroy that virus.

She cures any human disease virtually whether it is COVID19, AIDs, or cancer.

A vast number of online as well as offline seminars, programs, and individual practices have been started by her for the benefit of people. For example, Hollywood movie stars Beyoncé and Kylie Minogue seek personal coaching of Shakuntali.

Shakuntali Siberia

Moreover, She is the founder of the worldwide charity movement “Field of Love”, as well as she is the co-founder and important character of best-selling “After Death” and “Adventures of the Mystics”. In addition, she is the author of the programs “Recovery after birth and Childbirth without pain and stress”

Women find it hard to maintain pregnancy after the age of 40, but Shakuntali helps them by providing individual guidance. Also, she assists in fetal development without medications and gives 100% surety that the child will not have development issues.

Above all, a lot of positive feedback regarding her services shows that there is must be something good for the people.

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