It is not always easy to work in an aquarium because it has own downsides. However, there are also certain perks. One side would be a diver can swim with fishes where it is fun, another side would be the diver has to clean the tanks where it can be a bit more tedious. That is until one diver found himself making friends with an unlikely creature by hugging a shark!

of course, you heard it correctly,  diver hugged a shark while he was doing his duties, but No one would believe this if it weren’t for the video evidence.

This incident has spread soon for being the sweetest thing on the internet

This adorable shark can’t get enough of his new underwater buddy. however, the diver seems over the moon to spend some good time with this sweet shark.

Even though he was tired, it seems like he couldn’t stop to pet and cuddle this underwater well buddy.

Check out the video below to see the zebra shark and the diver’s loving interaction.

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