If there’s one thing that you’re more afraid to do than anything else, it’s probably sexting. You can never really tell if your partner is going to be interested in it or not. No one ever wants to try to be sexy, only to be turned down by a partner who just doesn’t get what they’re doing. That’s why so many people end up getting their sexting fix on Arousr. That’s a site where you know that the people you see are ready and willing to sext with you. Still, if you want to sext with your partner, you just have to look out for a few cues that they’re into it.

Sending Naughty Texts

The easiest way to tell that your partner wants to sext is by getting a naughty text from them. This text doesn’t have to be overtly sexual in nature. It could just be a text to say that they like the way you look or that they’re thinking about you. If they go out of their way to send this over a text message then it’s pretty likely that they want to sext with you. The next step can always be to just go in hard on the sexting and see what happens.

Signs That Your Partner Is Interested In Sexting

They Ask About A Previous Encounter

The other way that a lot of people will try to initiate a sexting conversation is by talking about the sex that you’ve already had. If your partner suddenly starts talking about something they enjoyed or a way that you looked then they’re probably interested in sexting. It’s a way to get a conversation about sex started. Talking about the sex that you’ve already had is a great way to get you interested in having more of it and it’s always a sure sign that you partner wants to sext with you.

They Ask For Photos

There’s really no easier way to tell that your partner is interested in sexting with you than if they ask you for photos. They don’t have to be nude to get the message across. Your partner could just want to see you and that means that they probably want to sext with you. It’s a cue that you should respond with what they want, plus a little bit more. You never know where a sexting session is going to lead until you get there. If you’re as interested in it as your partner, just go with the flow.

You Get Sexy Responses

If you’re just talking throughout the day then your partner is going to find ways to shift the subject to sex if they’re interested in sexting with you. That’s often going to come in the form of sexual answers to texts that you’ve sent. It could also be as simple as sending a winky face to a text that can be misconstrued as sexual from you. If you pick up on these hints then you’re giving your partner exactly what they’re after. They clearly want to sext and it’s up to you if you get into it.

Signs That Your Partner Is Interested In Sexting

Always Be Open To It

If you’re wondering if your partner wants to sext with you, then you probably want to do it yourself. That means you have to be open to following their cues when they send them. Just knowing about it isn’t going to be enough. You have to be willing to play along to make it all worthwhile. Let yourself have fun with your partner and you’re never going to regret it. Play along when you want and you’re always going to be able to enjoy intimacy with your partner.

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