“The black lives matter” movement was founded in 2013 as a social media hashtag. Lately, it became a protest movement after clearing George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, an African American lad.

Recently, this movement became highly active with a mighty phase after the assassination of George Floyd by a white police officer. The majority of the people voiced solidarity with the George Floyd protests. This is not only helpful but also revolutionary.

But unfortunately, not all the people get the chance to join the untroubled crowds and blend their voices along with the other supporters. There are some people from all across the country who want to assist the movement, but they are alone and helpless.

The best thing is, they didn’t change their minds of supporting the movement. They stood up alone without anyone to back them up and those silent actions went viral on social media and grasped huge attention from all over the world.

#16 A Sole Protester In Front Of Anaheim City Hall

#15 The Best I Can Do Is…

It’s not much of a protest, but it’s the best I can do right now. Sitting outside past “curfew”. from r/pics

#14 I Can’t Breathe: City Leaders Ignore

Was driving through Enterprise Alabama yesterday and spotted this lone protester at the City Hall. from r/pics

#13 My Husband Is Standing Alone

#12 Shoutout To This Guy

#11 She’s Truly The Definition Of Standing Up

#10 Outside Of The Norfolk Va Pd 

Outside of the Norfolk VA PD today. from r/pics

#9 Risking His Life To Protest

#8 He Is The Only Person Who Joined The Movement From His Town

#7 Am I Next?

#blacklivesmatter lone protester in Lacey – Marvin Road – #BLM – what a powerful lone protester today! It’s good to see this out in the rural community too. from r/olympia

#6 Age Doesn’t Matter For Protesting

This man has been standing alone in our town square for the past few days, gods bless his courage from r/pics

#5 A Sole Protester In A Small Town At Washington

Ocean Shores, Washington, in the middle of the small town traffic circle. No voice is too small. from r/pics

#4 I Apologize To The Class Of 2020…

Let us all hope we don’t need to have a sign like this when we are his age. from r/pics

#3 A Lone Protester In The Heart Of A Small Southern City

A lone protester in the heart of a small southern city. Thank you. from r/pics

#2 Karens Against The Police Brutality

The Karens doing their part to stop the violence! from r/pics

#1 Mindset is the most important thing 

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