A pit bull named Sisu which is 1 year old has become fond of a purple unicorn, a stuffed toy. The  has been trying to get this toy from a store called Dollar General a number of times. Despite being chased out of the store Sisu comes back to get it.

Animal control had been called to take the puppy away. Samantha Lane, an officer who came, had bought the puppy the toy and then the puppy had left with them. After that he couldn’t be detached from the toy. The officers of the shelter think that maybe Sisu might have had such a toy or his earlier owner might have. After the story of Sisu was known to people he and his unicorn got a home for forever.

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A post about Sisu was made by the people at the shelter and they have said in the post that this is what happens when you break into the Dollar General all the time to steal that purple unicorn that you laid claim to but they get animal control called to take you away for your Breaking and Entering’ and larceny but the officer purchases your item to bring it in with you.





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