Post pandemic, the biggest trend in beauty is probably Skinimalism, which is a minimalist approach to beauty. Pinterest even deemed it as the “new glow up.” According to a new research, women have significantly cut down their daily skincare products, with 64% of women using no more than three products. However, Skinimalism is not just about cutting your skincare routine down to the essentials; it can also mean using more natural skincare products, doing low-key makeup, and letting your natural skin texture shine through (even your freckles). This translates to a more sustainable, and often cheaper, beauty routine.

Now, you may not be comfortable transforming your daily beauty regimen to Skinimalism yet, but you can definitely try it out while on vacation. This less-is-more approach to beauty means less luggage, less worry, and more time to enjoy your time off. Here are a few simple ways you can apply Skinimalism to your vacation beauty routine.

Doing a Three-Step Skincare Routine

Today, many people swear by consistently doing only a three-step skincare routine rather than doing a ten-step one. According to beauty experts, using too many products and layering formulas can overstimulate and confuse the skin. As a result, the skin becomes overwhelmed and does not show the benefits of all those formulas. This is why cutting down your regimen to only the three essential skincare products can be more effective.
When you’re on vacation, you would probably be too tired after spending a day outside enjoying sites and activities to spend much time on skincare back at the hotel, so doing a three-step routine is perfect. Cut down your holiday daily beauty routine to these three steps: cleansing, treatment and moisturizing. As you may already know, these are the most basic steps, but consistently doing them brings the best results.

Using Makeup Products With Skincare Benefits

All dermatologists will attest that using too many skincare products, combined with makeup, almost always lead to skin irritation, which can evolve into residual post-inflammatory erythema and hyperpigmentation. Consumers are now aware of this and that is why beauty brands are creating multitasking beauty products. These types of products epitomize Skinamilism because you are using less active products on your skin and cutting down steps in your beauty routine. They are not only cost-effective, they are also time-efficient, which is perfect while on vacation. Some products you can bring are foundations or tinted moisturizer with sunscreen protection, hydrating lip and cheek tints, and double-duty concealers that soothe the skin and tackle puffiness.

Doing Light Makeup

There is no such thing as perfect skin. People, especially women, are becoming tired of beauty standards brought on by filters and photo-editing apps. In fact, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK even ruled that influencers must state when they use a filter on any posts promoting skincare or cosmetics. Thus, there is rising acceptance of natural skin, which means letting your pores, scars, blemishes and discoloration show through your makeup. In Skinamilism, this is also called “transparent makeup,” and this is the best type of makeup you can do while on vacation. To achieve the transparent makeup look, you can use less or light foundation, like Perricone MD No Makeup Foundation or Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizers. If using foundation is still too heavy for you, you can wear color-correcting concealer, like the Pixi Correction Concentrate, or skin tints like the ones from Ilia or Fenty Beauty instead.
Skinimalism: The Best Beauty Routine While On Vacation
To make your vacation truly stress-free, try incorporating Skinamalism to your beauty routine. It’s worth a try, and the ease and convenience of this pared-down beauty routine may encourage you to keep doing it long after your holiday is over.
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