Over half of Americans said that they would consider living in a home that’s less than 600 square feet, according to one survey by the National Association of Home Builders. However, while many may find living in a smaller space to be enjoyable and minimalistic, others may find themselves frustrated with the concept. Those who already live in a smaller apartment can easily make the most out of small spaces with just a few clever design techniques — no matter which room is the focus.

Innovative ways to store your things

When living in a small apartment, maximizing the space with hidden storage is the ideal solution to feeling like you have more room. Hidden storage can come in the form of dual-purpose fixtures, a concept which is often seen in furniture like ottomans that open up to reveal space for storage, or sofas and beds that have hidden storage below the cushions or mattress. Not only does this allow you to open up your living spaces without complicating your design style, but it can keep lesser-used items hidden away. Ikea’s Friheten sleeper sectional is a perfect example of this kind of furniture, as it has the ability to not only transform from a couch to a bed, but has hidden storage as well — making it the perfect design solution for small studio apartments.

Less is more

When it comes to decorating your apartment, it’s easy to go all out, but in reality, less is more. By simply using less décor to deck out your apartment, you can avoid clutter while still maintaining a popular minimalist aesthetic. One way to achieve this is by using things that you already need in the space as decoration — for example, in the kitchen, choosing a decorative statement piece like a teapot, mugs, or even eye-catching storage jars not only contributes to your chosen aesthetic but serves a purpose as well. Additionally, using decorative rugs can work to do the same in both transforming your apartment interior without taking up extra space, and making your apartment appear and feel more homey.

Small Apartment With Clever Design Techniques

A touch of customization

When it comes to small apartments, customization can go a long way in making any room feel bigger. For example, perhaps you don’t have enough cabinet space in the bathroom for all of your toiletries. By getting creative, you can repurpose a tasteful over-the-door shoe organizer, and store things like hairbrushes and toothpaste, which not only keeps useful items within reach but avoids clutter on the sink. Customization can be seen in other rooms as well — whether it be by storing spices on the fridge with magnets for a unique spice rack, or by implementing floating bookshelves in the living area. No matter what approach you choose, utilizing customization throughout a small apartment not only improves functionality but contributes to an organized and appealing design touch that’s totally unique to your apartment.

For those who have smaller apartments, finding a place for everything can be daunting at times, especially when it leads to copious amounts of clutter. By using simple design techniques, such as by investing in dual-purpose furniture, opting for less décor, and even customizing your own innovative solution, you can open up any space while still maintaining an eye-catching aesthetic.

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