Have you ever felt you’ve been abandoned by your friends, teachers, relatives or by anyone else who is closer to your life? How did you spend that moment? What’s worse, what if the people who abandoned you are your own parents? What would you do?

This kind of an incident happened recently in Laurelton, Queens, NYC, on a Monday morning. Queens intersection was looking busy. Suddenly around 11.30 am the CCTV camera caught that a white car came and stopped in the middle of the street and dropped a small girl alone from one side and threw her cloths bag from the other side and disappeared. According to CCTV footage, this 6-year-old girl was waving her hand while the vehicle drives away. Then she just stood there alone.

Although this whole scene was odd, no one saw it because everyone was busy with their work except this particular woman called Mishka. She was driving her vehicle through that street. Then she saw this small girl standing and holding a trash bag filled with clothing. Mishka saw that this girl was so confused, and she looked so clueless. So, Mishka stopped the car right in front of her.

“Hey, my dear. What are you doing alone? Where are your parents?”

But the girl didn’t know a proper answer to that question. She only knew her first name. Nothing else.

“They left me.” That’s what she said to Mishka, the kind stranger.

Mishka didn’t think twice to take the responsibility of this girl, and she contacted the responsible organizations. Because Mishka knew that if she left this girl all alone, she would have been abused and killed. But fortunately, it didn’t happen. The god sent an angel called Mishka to save the girl.

Watch this!!!

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