“Don’t drill the walls,” “Don’t change the wall paint,” “No construction allowed in the homes,” if these phrases sound familiar, then you know how frustrating they. After a long day of work, you need to retire to a space that feels like home sweet home, according to the interior designer Jessica Today of Laurel and Wolf, which is why you need to make some decor changes to your space. 

But what happens when you are not allowed to make any significant changes to your rented home? You need to understand the landlord/ landlady rules about the rented apartment. If possible, ask about the types of changes you are allowed to make so that you don’t step on any toes or lose your security deposit.

Consider these smart decor ideas if you are planning to change the décor of your rented space.

01. Change Furniture

At times all you need to change the decor of your home is merely moving the furniture to a new location. While at it, do not put a couch or any other thing in front of the windows because they block the natural light and make space feel smaller or crowded. Also, push furniture a few inches to the wall. Ensure the coffee tables are at arm’s length. If you have side tables, make sure they are in the same height as the armchairs. 

The same applies to your outdoor space. If your outdoor space is empty, consider getting some fantastic outdoor living furniture to change the look of your outdoor space and the general ambiance of your home.

02. Temporary Wallpaper

If one of the home rules was not to paint the home, consider the easy alternative: wallpaper. Go for the non permanent wallpaper that has your personal touch to it. You can have the non-permanent-permanent wallpaper that easily comes off without damaging the walls of the rented home. Get wallpaper that you can quickly put it in place yourself to save up some cash. Lastly, consider getting a chic and trendy summer-themed wallpaper to brighten up your living room.

03. House Plants 

If you want to bring life to your rented home, then consider getting some indoor plants or flowers. You only need to learn the dos and don’ts of taking care of plants, but if you are a plant enthusiast, the better. Put the plants on some colorful pots to brighten up your space. Plants are essential because besides making the air around you safe for breathing, they help you work better. So if you work from home, you will need them.

There are other beautiful options out there for the perfect home and garden decor in your house for any special occasions. If you visit your local florist like Lillypad Flowers for flower delivery in Melbourne, you will be 100% satisfied with their unique floral designs in a vast range.

04. Accessorize Your Rented Space

One of the ways of making your home unique is to add some accessories to it. Things like scented candles, souvenirs, throw pillows, custom wine cellars and rugs can give your home character and make it look stunning. If you have been traveling a lot, I’m sure you have some souvenirs which you collected from all the places you visited. Instead of storing them in a box in the closet, why not display them in your living room. They can act as a conversation starter when you have visitors or bring character to your living room.

Don’t forget a rug’s impact in your home. Go for the right size, the comfort of your choice, and the style. According to most designers, the ideal area rugs are those that cover a conversation area. Also, remember to choose the carpet that blends well with your furniture.

Summing Up

Your home doesn’t have to be boring simply because you don’t own it. As mentioned, you need to talk to your landlord and know the dos and don’ts about changing the décor; then, you are good to go. Remember, even if you are not allowed to make significant changes, you can still update your home using the above smart ideas. 

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Bougie parfumée Oud
3 years ago

These are great tips. Thanks for sharing.