Kaew Sudsoph is 75 years old, who was in Bangkok, Thailand. Her son who was sleeping in the other room has set up a CCTV camera so that he makes sure his mother is safe.

As per the camera recordings, during the night, it shows that without knowing Kaew has dropped one foot off the bed. However, a huge snake has entered their home and the snake also has entered the bedroom. In the recordings, it shows that the snake’s eyes are spookily flamed in the darkness.

The huge snake spotted and reached the Kaew’s foot, after that the snake attacked her.

Initially, she thought that she was having a bad dream, but she realized that the pain is getting worse and she jolted out of bed.

However, she found a flashlight and pointed the flashlight to the floor. She saw the huge snake was right in front of her.

However, even with the shock, she quickly went out of the room and reached her son. Her son was brave enough to chase the snake out of the room and called the animal control.

Later the rescue worked arrived, they searched and found the snake curled up on the toilet seat. Somehow, they took the snake and finally returned to the wild.

Now that we all are frightened to sleep in the room.

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