Zakopane is a resort town in southern Poland which is also known as the “winter capital of Poland”. This town is a famous departure point for winter sports and summertime mountain climbing and hiking. Zakopane is also known for its turn-of-the-20th-century wooden chalets, symbols of Zakopane-style architecture.

But it’s not only famous for that- Zakopane is home to the world’s biggest snow maze that could even make Stanley Kubrick proud. The park stretches over 2500 square meters which are bigger than 10 tennis courts and has over 60,000 ice blocks.

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This mesmerizing snow maze in Poland is the largest one in the world

Snowlandia Sniezny Labirynt

It took about a month, 50 workers and over 60,000 ice blocks to build this winter wonderland. The shockingly unique ice structure is complete with a 16-meter snow castle too, that is full of chambers with hidden treasures and ice sculptures.

Snowlandia Sniezny Labirynt

When evening approaches, the maze is colorfully lit up which makes the whole mountain-surrounding area look like it came straight from a fairy tale.

Snowlandia Sniezny Labirynt

This unique labyrinth was Installed for the first time two years ago in the Zakopane resort and ever since the opening locals and tourists are flocking this place like crazy

Snowlandia Sniezny Labirynt

The winter wonderland also features a castle complete with hidden tunnels and a watchtower

Snowlandia Sniezny Labirynt

This amazing snow maze offers its visitors a chance to lose themselves in a gigantic labyrinth made of ice and snow, surrounded by walls over 2m high!

Dron Line

Here’s what many had to say about the snow maze park and it sure is positive!

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